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Crypto-currency EOS in 2019

In the past two years, interest in crypto currency has increased incredibly. Now, in addition to bitcoin, a huge number of new currencies have appeared and their price increases many times. In particular, the new crypto currency - EOS attracts investors and forces them to ask the question: what is the value of the token to be expected in 2019? What should we expect in terms of development of this type of money?
EOS - a new crypto currency, based on the etherium platform. The main developer has experience in creating blockhouses, he already has two successful projects on his account. In general, the main principle of the system is work in the multitasking mode. A huge plus of the new currency is that the attitude towards the commission here is quite loyal. On EOS already with might and main make bets and argue that in a short time it will catch up and leave far behind the famous ether and bitcoin. The market of crypto currency is now so active and mobile that it becomes more and more interesting for investors' investments. The creators of the new currency have already done a lot to attract investors from outside, and although the investments are already huge, the attraction of new funds is still in the initial stage. EOS differs from a number of other crypto-currencies, which are at the peak of popularity, according to the number of available tokens. Many investors note that this is a negative rather than a positive fact. However, it should be noted that a large amount of available coins automatically lowers the cost of one token, which means that the speculative component decreases.
EOS took care of the security of tokens. Due to the fact that the crypto currency is new, the developers took into account a number of errors of previous tokens. As a supplement, they developed a digital asset for all business principles - the coin was correctly advertised and is known even before it was launched, and certain milestones, originally planned, were achieved quite quickly. Speculation of most of the crypto currency is no secret. Therefore, it is pointless to talk about any objective forecasts for 2019. On the other hand, EOS stands out among a huge number of other electronic currencies. And it is her "visibility" that can play a decisive role in the fluctuations of the exchange rate.
More specifically, in the future we can expect an increase in the price of the token. Crypto currency was introduced not immediately, but after a wide publicity, which markedly fueled interest in it. Together with interest, as is known, the cost also grows. And soon more than one rise in price is expected.
The increase in the cost of the token can occur in two ways:
1. By July 2018, the rate will stabilize, and will begin to grow tirelessly. By early 2019, the cost is $ 16, and at the end of this year will be equal to $ 25.
2. In July-August 2018, the price of the token will increase sharply, then it will also drop sharply. After the decline, the rate will gradually increase, and in early 2019 it will be $ 25. In the first half of 2019, then there will be another sharp jump in the exchange rate to $ 50, and in the process of natural increase by the end of the year the price for the token will be $ 100.
Along with this, there is a theory stating that for at least another two years the course will be unstable. As an example, it is predicted that as early as 2018, the price of the token will reach $ 50, which will noticeably change the entire future forecast for the crypto currency. Could not do without a pessimistic forecast. Experienced investors always advise newcomers not to be guided by the speculation of the course, and not to expect that from the first attempt of investments it will be possible to become a millionaire. There is a high probability of limiting the Crypto currency in principle, and getting EOS into the elite of the "elite" will be a big question. At the same time, the new currency allows you to make both quick money and lose the earned one. The network has a large number of conflicting views on the stability of the currency, so the risk of losing your investment remains high. If the price for a token increases sharply, many holders will begin to "drain" the coins, which means that the failure of the exchange rate will be unchanged. According to the law of the genre, with the fall of the course, the interest of the audience will also be lost, and this will further lower the rate and finally withdraw the EOS from popular crypto-currencies.
In general, the market since the beginning of the crisis has not been able to stabilize. Therefore, it is almost impossible to wait for an accurate forecast of EOS and its other "brothers". One thing is clear - in the new currency, investments should not be carried away.

Telegram: @rich5555
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