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Exchange Crypto-Currency - the best stock exchanges rankings 2018

The recently completed 2017 was good for crypto-currencies and for crypto-exchange exchanges. Of course, it was good for those who own digital money units. In the second half of 2017 the price of all existing crypto-currencies began to grow rapidly. Cryptotraders could make good money on this. And those Internet users who have not yet applied to cryptotrader, began to actively register on various websites dedicated to crypto-currencies. After all, they perfectly understood that they also have the opportunity to earn good money, while digital money units grow in price.Consequently, many new users appeared on the exchanges, which today are also participants of this huge crypto-currency system, which has spread to the whole world. Unfortunately, there were some troubles. In 2017, hackers were able to crack several crypto-exchange exchanges, some exchanges were completely stopped by law enforcement agencies. But still many projects have not ceased to exist and continue to function successfully today and provide services for the exchange of digital monetary units.
Let's make a list of several exchanges, which can be considered the most suitable for trading crypto currency.
And one of these exchanges is Bittrex. It is under the jurisdiction of the United States. At the very end of 2017, this exchange occupied the first place in the world in terms of the daily turnover of trades. Its participants can use for trading the most popular crypto-currencies, namely bitkoyny, etirium, light-coins and many others. To the merits of the Bittrex exchange, the first and foremost is a simple and convenient interface. Already on the main page of the site you can see the courses Crypto-currency. Also, being on the site, the user can always see how much money is left in his account. The amount, as a rule, is indicated in bitokaneh taking into account the current rate. There are three levels of identification on the Bittrex exchange. The user who has just registered on the site will be classified as unidentified. He can go to the next stage, having passed the basic identification. In this case, it will be able to take out of the system a day to 3 bitkoy. Well, the third level is advanced identification. Those who have passed all three levels have the ability to output up to 100 bitokonov per day. It should also be noted that the commission for Bittrex is not very large and is only 0.25% per each operation. Unfortunately, the Bittrex exchange was the first victim of excessive popularity, as a result of which registration of new users was suspended. Soon it is planned to update the system in order to create new accounts.
Another popular crypto exchange is Binance. Since the moment it was born and before getting into the top three of the best crypto-currency exchanges in the world, it took quite some time. The site domain was registered just one year ago on April 1, 2017. Initially, the creators called their site a startup, but within five months, how their project turned into a huge corporation, which has already been estimated at a billion dollars. Every day at the Binance Stock Exchange, more than 5 billion US dollars take part in the trade. The peculiarity of the Binance exchange is the fact that it has its own crypto currency. This currency is called Binance tokens. It is a digital monetary unit, which, although used exclusively within the framework of the Binance project, still lags behind many of its "relatives", that is, other digital monetary units that, unlike it, go around the world. Of course, the price of these tokens is not as high as that of the same bitcoin, which today can be bought or sold for 8,000 dollars, but it is growing with approximately the same geometric progression. Today, Binance tokens have a value that is almost 100 times higher than their original price. All owners of these tokens receive some discounts when performing an operation inside the exchange itself. According to the creators of the project, the advantage of their trading platform is the provision of high bandwidth and support for the most popular crypto-currencies, as well as the most popular languages. These languages ​​include Russian. Even those users who have not been verified can display up to 2 b / ks per day. If the verification was successfully passed, then the participant of this exchange will be able to output up to 100 bitokonov daily (if, of course, he earns them).
Now it's time to talk about another crypto currency giant - the Bitfinex trading platform. This exchange supports more than 20 crypto-currency pairs. Just like many other exchanges, it increased its popularity in late 2017. Today Bitfinex is considered one of the most secure and dynamic crypto-exchange exchanges. And, unlike Bitrex, registration of new users continues here. However, the emergence of new participants can also stop in the near future. As for the advantages of the Bitfinex exchange, the first thing to be said about the high security of accounts. Users can undergo two-factor authorization. IP address monitoring is also provided. You can encrypt your electronic correspondence.Members of the Bitfinex exchange have many opportunities for setting up the interface. You can choose one of the many available themes, a suitable order structure, a way to display your balance and other amounts. Now we need to say more details about those exchanges that allow us to replenish the balance not only in crypto-currencies, but also in monetary units, and also have support in Russian.
One of these exchanges is WEX. This is the direct heiress of the BTC-e exchange, which, unfortunately, was closed in 2017 by the will of the US authorities. WEX from its progenitor has retained the user base and functionality. In addition, money was saved in user accounts. Today, this exchange is actively repaying debts of its predecessor. You can recommend WEX to those who want to replenish their balance by ruble through the popular payment system WebMoney.
List of exchanges that have Russian-language support, continues the Exmo trading platform. It supports a huge number of crypto-currencies, as well as fiat monetary units: dollars, euro, rubles, hryvnia, Polish zloty. The main advantages of Exmo are low commissions, good technical support, easy-to-use interface.
And one more project, which can be attributed to exchanges with Russified support - Bitflip. This exchange has appeared more recently. Her popularity is just beginning to grow. Advantages of this site include support for replenishment of balance and withdrawal of money through the purse WebMoney. At the same time, a commission is charged, which is only 4%.
Just like on the above Binance exchange, Bitflip has its own crypto currency, which is called the "token Flip". This currency can also be used inside the exchange itself.
For those who live in Ukraine and want to trade in tandem with the domestic hryvnia, it is possible to recommend such projects as Kuna and BTC-Trade. Despite the fact that many complain of frequent braking of these exchanges, it is worth noting that these sites have many advantages. In the end, braking is a characteristic feature of the most popular crypto-exchange exchanges. And such shortcomings are connected with the fact that in these projects many people are registered.

Telegram: @rich5555
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