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Inexpensive crypto-currencies which in the nearest future will grow in price

Recently, such phenomenon as crypto-currencies is spreading more and more on the Internet. This is a new kind of money, based on the computing power of thousands of computers around the world. This is real money. They differ in that they exist only in electronic form and have no physical expression. With their help, you can transfer funds to anywhere in the world, paying for goods or services. In this case everything is strictly anonymous.
Why look for cheap currencies that can grow?
Everyone who has even heard a bit about crypto-currencies knows what bitcoin is. This is the most famous and expensive currency in the world. Its capitalization today exceeds ten billion dollars.
But surprisingly different. As early as the beginning of the year, the bitcoins rate was around 600 dollars. Now it is more than 4000 dollars. And this is only for one coin. The course continues to grow. But not everyone can afford to invest money in bitcoins because of their high cost. Also, since they are already expensive some experts are sure that such a sharp jump in the rate will no longer be. At the same time, there is a possibility that the exchange rate will fall. But bitcoin is not the only crypto currency. There are many others (more precisely, more than 800), some are much less, given that their potential for growth is much greater. If you could invest in bitcoins at the beginning of the year, then after only six months you could receive a substantial income. But there is another solution. We need to find out which is the cheapest crypto currency. If it also grows in value, then you can make good money by investing in it.
Which crypto currency is inexpensive and can grow
Not so long ago it was possible to make good money on bitcoins. And those who could have already earned. These are the people who bought them at a time when this currency was still relatively inexpensive, and sold now, when the price so rapidly grew. Now the bitcoins are earned only by those who are directly engaged in their production. While there is no reason to expect even greater growth. Users need a new crypto currency, which is inexpensive and can also grow rapidly in value. It is at these now and you can earn.
1. Ether. This currency appeared in 2015, six years after bitcoins. But she recently began to gain momentum quite rapidly. Many experts even believe that this currency has every chance to displace the bitcoins. But while comparing them, the Ether is still too little. Practically twenty times less bitcoin. To date, the rate of about 285 dollars. The main advantage of this currency is that, like bitcoins, they can be immediately withdrawn. Many other currencies must first be converted to bitoins and then output.
2. The next coin is lightcoin . Its rate is even less, if compared with the previous ones. To date, just over forty dollars for a coin. Yes, the difference with bitcoins is simply enormous. But this is both an advantage. This currency is much easier to invest. In addition, the volume of lightcoy capitalization is growing. Recently, it has already grown to hundreds of thousands of dollars. A serious growth is expected. That is why this currency is preferable in terms of investments in 2017.
3. Monero . From the point of view of the exchange rate, it is approximately at the same level as the previous currency. Also it costs a little more than forty dollars for a coin. In developing this system, the main bet was made on anonymity and confidentiality. This is what prompted investors to pay attention to this currency. Now she has all chances to make a big breakthrough in terms of growth rate.
4. Dash . Recently, this currency has shown serious prerequisites for a large increase in the rate. The coin has already grown in earnest over the past six months. Experts attribute this to the release of a new update, which further increased the level of security. Its rate today is almost 200 dollars, and according to the level of capitalization it takes seventh place.
5. Ripple . Of all the coins listed on this list, this is the cheapest. Its rate for today is only 0.15 dollars. But she has serious prerequisites to hope for multiple growth. This makes it one of the most desired investments. The currency is the third largest in terms of capitalization. In total, its capitalization currently stands at 5.6 billion dollars. If Ripple's rate grows even to the level of Monero and Lightcoin, then investors will already receive huge profits. The appreciation of the rate more than forty times is normal and many crypto-currencies have already demonstrated similar jerks. And given its small cost, it is probably ripple and is the most profitable investment to date.
Why third-value coins can grow to the level of leaders !?
After the process of mining for top-end crypto currency complicated, many paid attention to less expensive coins. Mine (extract) bitcoins and even ethers in the home is quite difficult. This is due to the fact that very serious computing power is needed. And buy only such large enough companies. But this does not mean that the mayg is now closed to ordinary users. Thousands of users around the world began to pay attention to coins of the third significance. Namely, those that are easier to get by yourself. But the exchange rate depends on the demand for them and their popularity.This is what can cause a coup in the situation in the field of crypto currency.
Thousands of users begin to mine relatively cheap coins. This leads to an increase in demand for them. And this naturally affects the growth of their course. That is why the coins for which ordinary users paid attention and there is every chance to make a rapid breakthrough. Let users have much less money, but they are much more.
In connection with these separately, one can also note the dogicins and altcoyins. The rate of the first today is almost two hundred dollars, and the second. These currencies have already made a dramatic breakthrough in recent times and it is according to them that ordinary miners paid most attention to them. So you can expect that their rate will soon rise to the mark of the same bitcoins.

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