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Top 5 promising Crypto-currencies in 2018

Crypto currency today is an anonymous and popular solution for storing and using funds, created on the basis of the latest developments. This money is easy to buy, but you can have them only in a virtual environment, and not in the form of banknotes or listed on a bank card. To do this, you need to have an electronic wallet in the form of a program or account - on a wallets service or a crypto exchange. Any crypto currency is reliable because of the cryptographic technologies implemented in it and decentralization. Decentralization means that the crypto currency is independent of one state regulator, an issuing bank or a legal entity. The technology used in the network is based on the block-written transaction chain, where each is confirmed by other users (or rather, purses) of the system. Over the last few years, crypto-currencies have become very popular due to the instability of the global financial system and the fear of people for their money lost in the course of inflation and bankruptcy of banks. But there is much debate in the world about an asset such as a crypto currency: some are convinced that this currency has opened a new era in the world of finance, while others suspect such systems of fraud, considering them "soap bubbles". But despite the gossip and the lack of a single point of view, the crypto currency market has already been formed and it has its leading currencies - Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have the largest capitalization and prevalence, although there are also unsuccessful and suspicious currencies. Here are the top five crypto-currencies that are popular and more stable, as well as related trends on the market.
The rating was compiled according to the following criteria:
The rate of the Crypto currency - in other words, the price of one coin in US dollars. Currency capitalization is an approximate estimate of the amount of money invested in it. The amount of currency in circulation. The daily volume of turnover of a certain crypto currency.
So, the top 5 is the Crypto-currency for capitalization.
When compiling the rating, information was used from the service coinmarketcap.com - a very important site on crypto-currencies, which allows you to track all the data about them.
This year, bitcoin will remain the most expensive currency in the market for crypto currency. In the summer of 2017, he beat a lot of price records, until his course on September 2 did not exceed $ 5,000 and in society, as well as in the media, began to treat crypto-currencies with much greater interest, and not as a product of the dark world.
In September 2017, the crypto currency market shook the news that the government in China could ban the work of crypto-exchange exchanges. This caused a panic and the withdrawal of part of the capital into bank currencies. In the first week after that, the price of bitcoin fell by 8%, while in the middle of the autumn it did not stabilize. Then on January 10 this year they also came to the conclusion that it is better to ban mining for the country, and this led to an even greater drop in the bitcoin rate. It is clear that a sharp drop in the rate is very worrying for investors, but let's look wider: the value of the coin did not fall below October, so bitcoin can not be excluded from the list of stable and liquid crypts.
The news from China and the Ethereum course also fell negatively, which fell 16% in September and reached a three-month low. Although very soon after that, rose in price above $ 300. This crypto currency has already confidently passed the black streak and today is 981 billion dollars.
By the end of September, Ethereum received an update called Metropolis. As predicted by experts, this greatly increased the growth rate and made Efirium the most reliable and profitable crypto currency for today.
Bitcoin Cash
This currency originated after the fork of Bitcoin to the former (classic) and BitcoinCash, which happened on August 1 of the previous year. Before the New Year from bitkoin was separated and the next hardcore - Segwit2x. Most experts predicted the collapse of BitcoinCash, but in spite of this, forecasts and fears were not realized and the price of this coin within two weeks after the appearance overcame the 500 mark, and today it already costs 1230 dollars. Due to the confidence of users in reliability and stability similar to classic bitcoin, BitcoinCash does not lose its place in the rating, and probably will soon become the first profitable asset for investors.
Although the rate of this crypto currency is still low in comparison with Bitcoin and Efirium, but last spring it was about 30 times smaller. After news from China, which caused panic in the market, it became one of the few that actively added in growth. Thanks to this, as well as great convenience for the banking system, Ripple's crypto currency is the candidate for the leaders of the most profitable for investment crypto currency.
Litecoin appeared after bitcoin and is also the oldest proven crypto currency since 2011. It is still Top as one of the most promising and stable in the market. Back in April of last year, it cost $ 9, and in September it's $ 69 more than it showed incredible growth. According to the frequency of use, it is next to Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is possible that this year Litecoin will rise in price to $ 300.
As for the growth of other altcoyins from dozens, namely : Dash, IOTA, NEM, Monero and Ethereum Classic , after an autumnal fall on average by 13%, they soon recovered and are still in their positions at the profit of investments. By this they proved the stability of the Crypto currency market even with major changes in policy.

Telegram: @rich5555
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