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Inexpensive crypto-currencies which in the nearest future will grow in price

Despite the fact that the profitability of mining kriptovalyut is not the same, it still can be earned. To profit from the production of digital money, you need to determine the resource on which you want to earn. The correct choice of the crypto currency for mining is the first step towards financial independence, but how to do it? When choosing a resource for mining, start from the following market indicators:
The price of the resource.
The high cost of the crypto currency is not an indication of the profitability of its mining. To determine the perspective, you need to evaluate the resource by several indicators. Miner, like a trader, must master the basic skills of technical analysis of the market. Crypto currency is optimal for mining in the event that it shows a calm growth dynamics, that is, it is in a bullish trend.
Capitalization of the crypto currency.
Capitalization is the aggregate value of an asset that is in circulation. A high level of capitalization indicates that the currency is stable and there are no prerequisites for its collapse. Therefore, such a currency can be promising for mining.
Currency liquidity.
This indicator determines the demand for the resource. To choose for mining you need only high liquidity crypto-currencies, which you can at any time be able to sell at market value, or exchange for another asset.
Volatility of the resource.
Volatility is a statistical indicator that determines the level of fluctuations in the price of an asset. For earnings on the exchange, currencies with high volatility are ideal, but for such a long-term process as migning, it is better to choose a resource that is in a bullish trend and with a low amplitude of price change.
Popularization and possible prospects for crypto currency.
The indicator of high popularity of the coin is good liquidity and a high level of capitalization. If the crypto currency is supported by well-known investment companies, then this is a serious request for the next increase in the cost of the resource. The prospect of currency growth depends largely on the developers. Many currencies do not hold positions, because there is no clear plan for their development for the near future. Thus, for mining, you need to choose a currency with designated prospects for several years ahead.
Complexity of production.
One cryptocoyin is a reward for revealing the block, to which the miners are given a certain amount of time. The more miners, the faster the block is opened and the time for disclosure of the next one is reduced. Accordingly, the process of mining crypto currency is complicated. The increase in the number of miners reduces the reward for mining, because the profit is distributed among all users participating in the disclosure of the block.
As a result, the most popular currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, lose their attractiveness for private mining, despite the popularization. Which currency is most interesting for mining?
To avoid making mistakes in the choice of currency for mining, it is better to trust the opinion of experts. In 2018, financial analysts recommend paying attention to the following altcoyins:
Dash: the asset price is $ 441, the capitalization is about $ 3 billion. Algorithm for hashing X11. The best way to mine is the ASIC miner. ZCash: the asset price is $ 275, the capitalization is $ 746 million. Equihash algorithm is used. The increase in the complexity of the mining of this currency is offset by an increase in the price of the resource.
Bitcoin Gold: the asset price is $ 69, the capitalization is $ 792 million. The hash algorithm is the same as for ZCash.Monero: the price of the asset is $ 228. Capitalization - 3 billion dollars. Hashing is performed by unique unique algorithm - Criptonight, which allows to significantly reduce expenses for mining, due to reduction of energy costs and equipment wear.
Dogecoin: the price of the asset is $ 0.005. Capitalization - 338 million dollars. This altcoyin can be produced even on a simple PC, so it is considered an ideal currency for beginners. The above-mentioned crypto-currencies have already proved themselves in the market and the last months show stable growth. The opportunity to engage in mining without buying expensive equipment makes them even more attractive. All you need is to decide which resource to choose.
If you decide to earn on mining, it is necessary to be determined faster, because every year the independent production of crypto-currency becomes less and less profitable.

Telegram: @rich5555
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