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Selection of equipment for the crypto currency

With the term "crypto-currency", one way or another, faced every Russian, who has access to the TV and the Internet.Few people understand well what it is, however, if it is a currency, then it has its price, expressed in understandable units. The cost of the most famous for today, Bitcoin's crypto currency is almost $ 9000.
Everybody knows how to make dollars. But where does Bitcoin come from? How to get it and what is needed for this?
Questions we will try to answer in this article.
Crypto currency is a digital monetary unit, which is inherently a complex cryptographic code. The algorithm for generating crypto currency is called mining. The essence of this process is that computers that are independent of one another are working on solving mathematical problems. As a result of the completion of the calculations, the bitcoins are created, which are distributed between the miners (equipment owners) participating in the work. If you decide to earn on the production of crypto currency, you should take care of the equipment. What equipment is needed for mining the crypto currency. Properly-like equipment for mining is the first step to successful earnings. If you decide to delve into all the subtleties of mining crypto, you will need the following devices:
Video card.
A farm for mining altcoyins (such as Ethereum) will not be effective without powerful video cards. The main producers of graphics adapters for mining are Nvidia and AMD (Radeon trademark). These are 2 competing companies, on the basis of which products are produced under the trademarks Saphire, Asus and others. It is better to use AMD cards. Do not spare money for video adapters of the latest generation, because thanks to their capacity, they quickly pay off.
Main characteristics of cards:
Memory capacity.
Take cards with a memory capacity of at least 3 Gigabytes. Memory bandwidth. The nominal value providing a good result is 256 bits. It is better to take 384 bits. The larger the capacity, the higher the speed.
Type of memory.
Video cards must be of the type GDDR4 or GDDR5. Such cards will provide stability and speed of mining. Cooling system. As noted above, AMD's video cards are considered to be the best for mining. They have a highly efficient cooling system, and to ensure uninterrupted mining this is very important.
Intel Pentium G3260, or AMD FX 8350. The latter is more preferable: TDP is higher than Intel's 2.5 times, the frequency is 4.4 gigahertz, cash memory of higher capacity; Hard disk: SanDisk Ultra II-capacity 960 gigabytes or Kingston UV400-capacity of 120 gigabytes. The second option is cheaper 3 times, but it's up to you; RAM: Requirements for RAM - at least 4 gigabytes;
A frame made of wood or metal to place video cards at some distance from each other;
The motherboard can be from any manufacturer, provided it is compatible with the rest of the system;
Power Supply.
The PS is selected taking into account the calculation of the total power of all connected devices in the system with a small safety margin of 15-20%. Plus the cables and extension cables and your farm for mining is ready.
If you have available funds, and you do not want to spend time studying technical subtleties, buy a ready-made farm for mining - ASIC (ASIC).
ASIC is an integrated circuit for a special purpose, the task of which is exclusively to extract digital money. It is very efficient and unpretentious in maintenance. The performance of ASIC is several times higher than that of video cards, but with its help only certain types of crypto currency can be mined. Mining with video cards is relevant for Ethereum and several other alternative crypto-currencies. If you are going to get bitcoins, then you will have to invest in ASIC.
How to choose the right ASIC.
Before buying equipment for mining it is necessary to familiarize with its technical characteristics.
Power (hashed). The unit of power measurement is GH / s or TH / s gigashes or terraces per second. The number of generated koinas directly depends on the power of the ASIC.It is very important to monitor the ratio of the generated power to the consumed power.
Power consumption. This indicator determines the amount of electricity consumed by the system during operation.
The unit of measure is watts. The main parameter is TDP (it determines which thermal power the cooling system of the processor should be designed for). Low TDP guarantee the trouble-free operation of your equipment. Choose an ASIC with a sufficient number of coolers.
Manufacturer. If you are going to kill exclusively bitcoin, then Bitman equipment will suit you. For the extraction of crypto coins, which are generated by the SHA256 algorithm, this will be the best option.
If you want to engage in the mining of several altkoins, then ASIC from Baikal will suit you.
As a result, it's not so important that you decide to purchase: a ready system or a set of components to create it. The initial investment will be very high, and no one will be able to give you a quick payback guarantee. However, in the case of buying video cards you will get a multifunctional computer component that you can use yourself, or resell. Buying an ASIC, you take on the balance of expensive equipment, which is only able to mine.
The choice is yours!

Telegram: @rich5555
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