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Airport of Australia introduces payment by crypto-currencies
It is worth noting that every year the crypto currency is gaining popularity. A few years ago, no one could imagine that bitcoin would become so popular and valuable. Until recently, a crypto currency could be traded on stock exchanges, and now it is possible even to pay for some services.
At the airport in Brisbane in the very near future, the introduction of crypto currency is expected. It is reported that it will be possible to pay almost all types of crypto currency, which is very convenient for people who are actively engaged in mining and currency operations.
As Mr. Hellmons, the director of the airport told, many people are engaged in the fact that they earn crypto currency, and accordingly can spend it on their own needs. Investing in crypto currency is a way of earning thousands of people around the world. Accordingly, progress should not stop and such types of currencies should have support.
Such innovations will be used immediately in two terminals of the airport. What can come out of this, can only show time. Of course, this can be considered a breakthrough in the world of crypto-currencies.
This airport will be the only one in the world where crypto-currency is accepted. It is worth noting that in other types of activity this type of currency was used. It should also be noted that this airport is considered one of the largest in the country. This airport can serve up to 22 million people a year. Moreover, planes are sent from here to more than 30 countries of the world. It is worth noting that the use of crypto currency will be beneficial to the airport, since for such currencies, there are low commissions. As for the passengers, they are still quite cold about this statement. Many people, simply have no idea what the crypto currency is. For the image of the company, this is very good, because this news has scattered around the world. It is worth noting that many carriers are already thinking about the introduction of such a payment system.
In conclusion, it should be noted that such a step, is capable of increasing the number of passengers and making this airport one of the most innovative in the world. At any outcome, even if this type of payment does not take root, the company has already received what it was all created for this cheese-boron. The image of the company reached incredible heights, and the costs were minimal. Of course, this fact will not bring any global changes.

Telegram: @rich5555
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