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Alternate Firmware
Antminer L3 + and Antminer S9

Firmware for Antminer S9 / S9i
Version S9 v002c:
The function of forced activation of 100% fan speed or auto mode is added.
Version 003d S9 / S9i:
Setting for each chip individually frequency;
Update chip readings and color;
Devfee mining without stopping the main, in the background;
Stop button autofit.
Version 003g S9 / S9i:
More stable launch;
The speed of the chips is displayed even in the absence of 1-2 x card;
Instead of an empty string Temp (chip1);
Temperature PCB.
Version v003g S9 / S9i:
Auto-update status every 10 seconds;
Update custom firmware on S9 / S9i - downvolt, acceleration, chipy tuning.

Firmware for Antminer L3 + / L3 ++

Advantages of the firmware:

Reduction of energy consumption and temperature;

Without interruption of mining on DevFee;
Stable work, the parameters on each blade can be changed;
Reboot the card when the "x"
Divfee 1,8%
640W/504MH, 750W/565MH, ..., 1000W/680MH.

Auto-selection by profiles: economy, safe overclocking, extreme overclocking, manual auto-selection mode;
Auto-fit can test cards up to +80 minutes.

Version L3 + v014c:
Qualitative tuning and statistics of the speed of each chip;
The button to reduce the frequency of all red chips from -1 to -6 per click;
Auto-update status page every 10 sec.


Telegram: @rich5555
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